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Log Homes

Many Admire the Rustic Past, A Few Taste It

A log cabin is a special home. It gives one the feeling of having a link with the rugged past, a link with those brave men and women who had to carve out a living from raw nature. These were the folks who made this country and a owning a log home can give one a sense of ancestral pride. However, as the proverb goes, “Time waits for no man”, so it goes for the log home. Sun, rain, insects and a myriad of other hosts assault your timber treasure on a daily basis, eating away at its integrity. Routine maintenance and restoration are a fact of life for any home but much more so with a log home. Other types of homes have a protective siding to give defense from the battering of life but, by their very nature, log homes stand more exposed. So what is the best defense for log home owners? Jaworski Coatings! Log home maintenance and restoration are one of our specialties.


A Pioneering Legacy

America, the land of the free, started her journey to greatness on the northeastern woodland coast. The home of the brave was a log structure hewn from the abundant timbers of the surrounding forests. They provided the pioneering family with a strong, safe shelter from the often savage and violent newly discovered world. Many of these original structures continue to this day, standing as testimonies to their strength and endurance. When the “go rural” craze hit, multitudes went back to the simpler lifestyle of a log home where today the modern pioneering family is again protected by its strength from the savage dog-eat-dog world. Whether you have found a national treasure in an original log cabin, or have built or bought a newly fabricated house of timber, call on Jaworski Coatings to restore or maintenance your American dream. We offer full log home service throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

Meeting All Your Log Home Needs

Jaworski Coatings’ teams of trained and certified professionals stand ready to meet all your log home needs. We offer full log home restoration for the house that suffers damage or needs a structural change. We also offer full log home maintenance to keep your symbol of national heritage beautiful and well protected. If you’re in need of carpentry renovation, exterior or interior coatings, power washing, insect treatment, or any number of log home needs, contact Jaworski Coatings today. Time is ticking!

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